Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still in the womb

Still in the womb, I struggle
Tossing, toiling to come out.
Still in the warmth, the coziness
Secure in the womb.
To come out wouldn't be a birth -
It would be rather a resurrection.
The pain of labour do not bother me,
Though I wonder how to
And who would cut the umbilical cords.
For I have to pass through the process
Of detachment
Countless, countless times.
Once I am through, I hope,
I will crawl, I will stand,
I will walk, I will run -
I will grow wings and fly away.

Walking down the lonely road

Walking down the lonely road there was a feeling of melancholy

There wasn’t anyone who could listen to my words

And no one either to share his words with me

This feeling of loneliness persisted till I heard a voice that came from within me

It said, ‘my dear let’s hear each others’ words’

You share yours with me and let me tell my stories to you

And if we do not listen to each other

The road would hear our words for sure….

For the road would always be with us ‘anywhere and everywhere’.