Saturday, August 29, 2009


एक ठहराव सा है ये एहसास न था,
एक आस्मां भी है ये विश्वास न था।

आंख उठाकर गर देख जो मैं पाती,
तो पंछी सी उड़ान भर क्षितिज को छू आती

Being with Myself

Am I a little too demanding,


I ask to enjoy my aloneness,
I want to be with myself
I need to talk to myself,
I wish to hear my own voice,
I feel like looking into my mirror
I want to stand near my window
I want to walk alone in the garden
I wish to discover my own self.

Tell me, if
I shouldn’t be doing any of these.

Tell me, if
I shouldn’t be asking for any of these.

Wait and Watch

Wait, and Watch

Watch, and Wait

Wait and Watch
Watch and Wait

Tick- Tick
Tick- Tick

Time moves on ……
and life goes on …...