Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Eternal Story

This is how the story began,
I asked you, ‘should I be afraid of standing still’?
But you made me realize about the stagnation,
That I had assumed to be the serenity of stillness.
I further asked you, ‘am I destined to remain in the same manner’?
You told me, ‘everything is in your own hands and you can write your own destiny
either by crawling or by flying’.
When I shared about the invisible shadows and shackles,
You said ‘to be bound by those shackles and scared of those shadows
was a matter of choice that you had made’.
I then requested you to keep knocking at my door,
And you assured me of a continuous and eternal knocking,
So that I could open the doors for myself.
Now this story doesn’t seem to have an end,
For it has become an ‘eternal’ one, with no beginning and no end.