Friday, June 19, 2009

At the Crossroads Again

I found myself standing at the crossroads.

Yesterday I was delighted to have picked up all the marbles that I left behind long back.

But today I was only left with the latest ones.

When I looked inside the stole I found them still struggling to settle down.

I never realize when did the marbles lying in my stole slipped away.

Owning hardly any of the marbles, now I wonder how would these have felt after being overlooked.

The art of keeping the ‘possessions safely’ isn’t an easy task it seems.


krishndeep said...

.........whatever possessed by one sometimes or the other never remains.....and you are rite having no qualms over it....... because when the old diminishes there always the new to take its place.......

Imagination said... are very right only when the old diminishes it then paves way for the new to enter...but being humans we have a tendency of always willing to keep our bags full.... This one has more to do with the possessions than my own feelings...

கவின் said...

- picking this poem at different level to me.