Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Lost Letter

The letter I had written to my friend, long back, seem to be lost in the way

in the wilderness and its serenity.

Let it be where it is,

For I believe it will reach its destination some day.

If not the one which I had written with my hands,

May be the one which it would have decided on its way.


ஸ்வரூப் said...

hope it reaches either way...


Imagination said...

It will

I am Sure..........

sujata said...

The letter that you wrote will reach will take its own course and convey maybe what your friend wants to hear rather than what you want to say..

extremity said...

what you have written will reach..

Anonymous said...

yea it will

P. Venugopal said...

sure it will...if it has not already reached.

Babli said...

Fantastic..I am sure that your letter will definitely reach.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Well, it had the touch of that saying "jo hota hai, woh achche ke liye hota hai".

but still this not really ended lines have some realistic and tragedic end.

Keep writing

bluebird said...


Its my first visit to your page.

I must say I am highly impressed by your poetry.

Will be back for sure.

Have a nice day.

கவின் said...

lets publish that letter too
iam interested.