Wednesday, October 14, 2009


जगमगाती रौशनी में दीप मन के जग उठे
उज्जवल निशा की रागिनी बन गीत गुन्गुन्नाने लगे
अब न अंधियारे का भय हो और न सन्नाटे का डर
रुकना नहीं मुड़ना नहीं चलती चलूँ ऐसी डगर 


P. Venugopal said...

how i regret not having learnt hindi past tenth standard, that too long long ago; so long ago that it is struggle for me even to decipher the letters of the alphabet...

Imagination said...

No need to regret, may be a chance for you learn Hindi. Or else you can ask any of your friends (if any) who knows Hindi to read and translate it for you :-)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Thats a nice poem u wrote yaar...i hardly manage to write in hindi apart from topics like love :)

கவின் said...

புரியலயே கல்பனா