Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The moonlit rainy night

What a night it was,
The rain came at a time
when I started enjoying my walk under the moonlit sky,
and before I could express my desire to get drenched ceaselessly,
the moon brought me back to reality.
Back to my own stories, to my own world.


Sid said...

Why not get 'drenched ceaselessly' sometimes-maybe before the reality strikes in? Lovely words -also waiting for thoughts after getting drenched. :-)

Sumi said...

why? what would stop u from getting drenched? rather, wat else matters than a RAIN? :)

Kalpana said...

The moon, and it stopped raining :-)

ஸ்வரூப் said...

what was that own story?

Kalpana said...

There is nothing like reality..... its just that we come back to our own stories :-)

P. Venugopal said...

nice words, Kalpana. you are feeling very good, i can see that. keep writing, while waiting for the monsoon to reach New Delhi.