Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Like a sand particle

I never wait for a storm to uproot me,

For, a soothing breeze can sweep me off to another world.

I have no craving for drizzles and downpours,

A single droplet is enough to give the warmth of being with my land

Lull and serenity make no difference to me

For, I belong to the desert,

I can only think of a mirage.


Anonymous said...

mirage is always exciting n encouraging 4 me.
u know y?
it can show u hope in a place where the word "hope" is a joke.

Even a sand particle is full of life.
so r u.
rnt u?
soothing breezes can sweep everyone off to another world.
i like the way u r using WORDS
i wish i can.
hey imagination now i know ur name too KALPANA
same 2 same
just kiddin
its mentioned in ur comments column.
its quite a positive name.
and u can always delete my comment if u r not willin to see it in ur comment box.
or not interested to answer.
monsoon is not here in delhi
so lets wait.....
atleast i am waiting
MIRAGE is one of ur best.
i know best is still 2 come.
but till that lets say MIRAGE

Imagination said...

Dear Anonymous: Thank you so so much for your comment but please unveil your identity :-) What is same to same by the way

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Nice write up.

Many people take their life in many ways and this is one th best way to do so, as it not only inspires to do something but also avoids the shades of hopelessness..


Imagination said...

Thanks Mahesh. I don't know weather it avoids the shades of hopelessness or not but I keep always thinking of Mirage.

Anonymous said...

same 2 same means
kalpana is imagination
imagination is kalpana

ஸ்வரூப் said...

not oasis?

Imagination said...

not oasis only and only MIRAGE.......

extremity said...

so content ? :)

sujata said...

mirage helps one to carry on in the face of all adversity! Well written

Babli said...

I liked your blog very much.Very nice and interesting post.You are welcome in my blogs.

கவின் said...

my extremity
of imagination
haan'ji '
its true
like ananymus.