Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two questions

My mind was boggled to hear the two questions I was asked yesterday.

‘Who are you? ’ and ‘where will you be five years down the line?’

Is that so easy to know and explain who you are? No clue..

Is life so very predictable that one can easily know where s/he would be after five years? Are we actually suppose to plan so much in advance?


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

'Who are you? ’

Myself Mahesh and blah blah..

‘where will you be five years down the line?’

Most probably on earth, no doubt in that.

I donnno yaar...its not that easy i know but one will get at least a vague idea of what your plans are..

Its a management question you have categorised under philosophical section.. :-)

Imagination said...

I have no clue about Management but tell me you also feel these questions are mind boggling :-)

Most probably on earth, no doubt in that. good one I liked it....

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Yes i feel the same but we cant helpt it. can we ? :-(

krishndeep said...

me too think in the same way.. but may get annoyed dat i sumtimes feel scared to think in such way.... but after u read me some lines from the book u were reading in lalitpur.. i m enthusiastic about mu future...

Anonymous said...

Life is not predictable and i m sure the person was not asking u to predict.
why u think that person was asking u to predict?????
may be he or she was asking u to set some goals or priorities?
Get some positive thinking
Monsoon is here write something about happiness
enjoying the rain
lot of good things are there in life
go see and express them with the power u hav
waiting for ur next post

Imagination said...

Dear anonymous: Thanks for dropping in. Is it really not about prediction? I don’t know. But this post for sure is not about who asked or for that matter his intention about asking… simply these thoughts came to my mind and I chose to write. (Why this anonymity :-))

Uma said...

Hey Kalpana, I just saw your comment on my blog - basic reflections. Thanks! And now I've got to see and enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

off course these are thougts.
and i m sure its really not about prediction
how can any one ask anyone to predict
if some one is asking it must be a light moment
where people get together and hav some fun by talking about things.
any ways
so are u going to write about rain some day
i know ur answer is
"if i feel like"
but u need to feel like
rain is fun, prosperity, life.....and rain is this and that
lack of words actully
and u have a lot of words
this is the difference in u and me
thats why i m asking to change gears. change ur mode.

anonymity is must for me i m a superhero.
and as u know superheroes never tell their names

Whats in a name???

ஸ்வரூப் said...

why did not you slap the person who asked this? or at least throw your footwear on him/her?

don't let these 'Q's boggle your mind unnecessarily?

Imagination said...

ஸ்வரூப்: I am a peace loving person :-) I can't be that rude at all.......

Balachandran V said...

sometimes the comments about a post outgrow the post! How afraid we are all, 1. to look into oneself, 2. to admit the uncertainty of life! One can always plan, dream, predict etc about the future, but one doesn't know for sure about the next moment!

The first question is something that one should ask oneself at every possible moment - you would be surprised at the answers, never the same....

sujata said...

The questions are on many different levels, as an interview question, i feel its easy to answer as they expect a very practical and left- brained answer! but on a philosophical level the questions can remain the same and the answers vary with every phase in life that we go through. On the whole I think we can and should plan for atleast the next five years, there should be a goal and the spirit to work towards achieving it, but finally what happens remains the mystery of life.

Anonymous said...

and mystery of life can not stop u to think about future and plan.
one cant stop planning and deciding goals.
saamaan sau baras ka hai pal ki khabar nahin.
its true but not true enough to make u stand still.

Babli said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.You are welcome in my other blogs too.
I liked this post very much.Its quite different and also very interesting.I am a management student and its a wide subject and long discussion required.

கவின் said...

she asked me
who are you
i said
no clues
she founds me
at that moment