Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being with Myself

Am I a little too demanding,


I ask to enjoy my aloneness,
I want to be with myself
I need to talk to myself,
I wish to hear my own voice,
I feel like looking into my mirror
I want to stand near my window
I want to walk alone in the garden
I wish to discover my own self.

Tell me, if
I shouldn’t be doing any of these.

Tell me, if
I shouldn’t be asking for any of these.


ஸ்வரூப் said...

you are not demanding ... there is no you when you don't be... so you are already being that...

Imagination said...

ஸ்வரூப்: But everyone doesn't understand


ஸ்வரூப் said...

do you understand at least?

Anonymous said...

i understand.
you are not too demanding
actually not demanding at all
but being with urself is one thing and enjoying aloneness is other
one is good one is partly bad
discovering urself is good blaming others that they are trying to take away ur time is bad.
why someone would ask for ur time?
just to stop u from discovering urself? can it be true?
do whatever u want to do but humans need to be social too.
maybe its again just my way fo thinking.

imagination said...

Dear Anonymous: thanks for your prompt reply. There's nothing bad in aloneness, by aloneness I mean solitude, i am not at all blaming others for taking my time....and no one has either asked me for time...

I absolutely agree that humans need to be social... but at times in that endevour of being social we tend to forget an individual's space.

Anonymous said...

at times na
so this poem is just an passing emotion???

P. Venugopal said...

Excellent! This has the beauty of gazal. Lovely.

Balachandran V said...

The beauty of your words lies in its simplicity. Each of us have craved for those moments with oneself; some, an entire lifetime, to be with oneself, to know oneself... but then, the majority do not care about solitude, they don't know want to learn about themselves, because they are afraid of themselves, of their true selves.

Sorry that I didn't notice the post earlier, K.

i N a said...

very well said.. at times we really need to be alone in order to know ourselves more.. beautiful composition..

i love poetry, i will definitely be your follower.. please check my blog, i'm just starting..

workhard said...

Oh you should be totally doing this.. u definitely want to discover urself.. and everyone needs that me moment...

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கவின் said...

i can tell
it will
somewhat costly
is it ok for u?