Saturday, August 29, 2009


एक ठहराव सा है ये एहसास न था,
एक आस्मां भी है ये विश्वास न था।

आंख उठाकर गर देख जो मैं पाती,
तो पंछी सी उड़ान भर क्षितिज को छू आती


Anonymous said...

abhi bhi kya der daar hai?

P. Venugopal said...

I now regret I had neglected my Hindi. I have no touch with it since 1972 when I finished school, long time before you were born. It is wonderful to know you write in Hindi too. And look how wonderful the screen looks with your poems on them.

Imagination said...

Thank you so very much Venji,....You are right I must be of your daughter's age. :-)

My grand father was a great poet in Hindi and I am thinking of posting some of his beautiful poems, that have not been published. Just not getting the idea how to go about it. i hope you can read and understand Hindi a little bit.

P. Venugopal said...

I can read and understand just a little bit of Hindi.

Yeh kya hai? Yeh kalam hai. Kalam meim kya hai? Kalam meim swahi hai. Those basic lessons I still remember.

What was your grandpa's name?

Babli said...

छोटी सी प्यारी सी खूबसूरत रचना के लिए ढेर सारी बधाइयाँ!

LSD said...

its been a long time since i read some Hindi poetry...I had forgotten how beautiful it can be. Thank you:)

Shalini said...

lovely! 'panchi si udan bhar khistij ko main choo aati'.
also loved Venugopalji's comment:- "yeh kyaa hai, yeh kalam hai. kalam main kyaa hai. kalam main swahi hai."...I remembered while doing mass communications and seeing the way practice of journalism was getting affecting i would sit back and wonder- kalam main swahi hai, par swahi kyaa hai, swahi kiski hai...kyaa kalam, swahi aur uske nishaan tere apne hain?..
Lovely poem Kalpana..i wish i had known this side of you while at CMS :)

கவின் said...